Why Does Monica Galetti Have A Blonde Hair?

Monica Galetti hair and trying to impersonate her blonde personality did make her fall into meaningless controversy for a while. However, it was her personal choice to change her hair color. 

Galetti angrily criticized the show's all-white, male finale, calling it 'insulting' to her.

Viewers on social media have slammed the BBC Two cookery show in recent weeks for its perceived lack of diversity.

The cookery show's finalists have all been white men for the fourth time in six years.

Meanwhile, Monica is leaving the show, not because of criticism she received about her personality but to take care of her nephew Otis who has cancer. 

Monica said she and Otis are very close because he is the same age as her daughter Anas, 14, whom she shares with her husband, David.

'We've been told it's not a cure,' Monica said of Otis' chemotherapy treatment. It's just to buy us some time.'

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Monica Galetti Is Reuniting With Family And Help Nephew Otis Battling Cancer.

Monica Galetti has announced that she is leaving the BBC Masterchef show to reunite with her family and husband. On the other hand, she will meet her nephew Otis, who is 14 years old and battling cancer in New Zealand.

Doctors had given him three months, but she revealed that they are hoping to enroll him in a clinical trial for which they are raising funds.

She was able to fly out for a week this month after the pandemic prevented her from visiting him in New Zealand.

'It was so important to be with my older aunts and uncles,' she said. It felt incredible to be able to do that. I'd also like to spend some time with Otis.'

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Monica, who also owns Mere in London and is a chef, fought back the tears as she discussed her departure on BBC The One Show.

She said she had to make the difficult decision for her own mental health because "it was getting very dark" as she tried to fit everything into her hectic schedule.