Knuckle: Where Is James Quinn Mcdonagh Now?

The Irish Bare Knuckle Boxer James Quinn Mcdonagh is 54 years old and lives in his homeland. At the same time, the documentary movie Knuckle has recently piqued interest in his whereabouts. 

In an interview on, James, the "King of the Travellers," talked about undefeated bare-knuckle fights. 

He has spoken out about underground fights, admitting that he made £200,000 per fight. When children learn to walk, McDonagh claims, they learn to fight.

James Quinn McDonagh, aka "King of the Travellers," made a fortune fighting like Brad Pitt's character Mickey O'Neil in the film Snatch.

In a recent Instagram post, he wrote, "Great to see it back on Netflix," to his published autobiography made into a documentary. 

The true story of James Quinn McDonagh, clan head and champion bare-knuckle fighter, is told in Knuckle.

His journey started from his grandfather's horse-drawn caravan on the side of the road to Ireland's country lanes, where he stood, fists bloodied and bandaged, fighting a clan war he never asked for.

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More On Bare Knuckle Fighter James Quinn Mcdonagh Wikipedia.

According to GoodReads, James Quinn Mcdonagh was born in 1967. James is 57 years old as of 2022. 

James fought without gloves, no biting, and no rest. The last won the money and, more importantly, the honor of being the last man standing.

Before finding his calling in bare-knuckle boxing, he was an amateur boxer in Ireland. The Irish bare-knuckle fighter grew up in the same way as his peers. 

Mcdonagh chose boxing to reduce bullying both within the community and on the outskirts. He moved to England as a sixteen-year-old in 1983. 

He accompanied his family because he was involved in a physical altercation with another man that resulted in his death. 

They returned to Dublin after noticing that the uproar caused by the act had died down a little. He resumed his career as a knuckle boxer after his return.

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James Quinn Mcdonagh Net Worth.

James Quinn McDonagh net worth is estimated at $1 million. Large sums of money always accompanied the fight.

 However, the exact amount of money he made for each fight is unknown. Numerous triumphs have marked his career. 

McDonagh's accomplishments include organizing the first legal bare-knuckle fight in the United Kingdom and hosting the bare-knuckle wars television show. 

Over the years, he has gained recognition and is permitted to perform in more venues than before.