Video: Ellen Barkin Testimony On Johnny Depp Wine Bottle Accident

Ellen Barkin accident topic will undoubtedly revolve around the alleged wine Bottle incident with Johnny Depp from 2020. The Animal kingdom actress might flash on some critical incidents with her ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp.

Actress Ellen Barkin has been called a witness in the current trial with Johnny Depp on behalf of Amber Heard's legal team.

Meanwhile, this isn't the first time she's been called to testify about Depp.

Barkin has previously spoken candidly about her relationship with Depp and is set to give a video deposition next week. Depp is also expected to be recalled to testify.

While filming Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in 1997, Barkin and Depp are said to have had a brief relationship.

"There is always violence around him," Ellen said of her interactions with Depp.

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The remarks were included in the case notes for the 2020 Depp v News Group Newspapers Ltd trial, which Depp eventually lost.

"There was just this violent world... He yells a lot. He is a verbally abusive person, "Barkin explained.

Will Ellen Barkin Testimony Clarify The Accident Or Scapegoat Johnny Depp?

Court proceedings for Johnny Depp's defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard have a new player in the game, Ellen Barkin. The deposition of Ellen might put the actor in a difficult situation. 

The wine bottle incident was brought up during a deposition in the United States during the 2020 trial.

Depp has been accused of throwing a wine bottle in a hotel room during his relationship with Barkin.

According to LawCrime Reporter Angenette Levy's Twitter post, "#AmberHeard will return to the stand next Monday. We can tell you actress Ellen Barkin will testify with AH sister, Whitney Henriquez. And, #JohnnyDepp will be called to testify."

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When the trial resumes after the hiatus, the actress will most likely take the stand after Heard's testimony.

Shortly, Johnny Depp will be called back and deposed at the trial.