Harriet Hageman Wikipedia: Bio

Harriet Hageman is not listed on the Wikipedia page but her biography may be found on Ballotpedia.

Harriet, a resident of Fort Laramie, is a Republican contender for the 2022 election in Wyoming.

She has the support of a number of well-known politicians, and she has been officially endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

The Wyoming lawmaker, attorney, and conservative activist has been running a full-fledged election campaign, with Trump's support for the past few months.

Her admired personality, as well as the decades-long legal battles she has waged in the past against Washington DC's encroachment on Wyoming forest lands, have given her a stronghold.

She graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1986 and her law degree from the University of Wyoming College of Law in 1989.

Hageman's legal career has centered on challenges to federal and state land and water use restrictions.

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Harriet Hageman Husband: Who Is She Married To?

Harriet Hageman is happily married to John Hageman.

The couple appears to have been married for almost two decades, yet there is no formal information regarding their relationship or love life.

Regardless, Hageman and her husband appear to have a happy marriage and are frequently spotted together at social events.

They have also kept their children's identities hidden from the public, so there is no information about them.

Harriet Hageman Nationality - Is She Native American?

Harriet Hageman was born and raised on a ranch near Fort Laramie, Wyoming.

James Hageman, her father, was a member of the Wyoming House of Representatives for many years.

Judge James E. Barrett hired Hageman as a law clerk. Since then, she has worked as a trial lawyer.

In the 1997 case Nebraska v. Wyoming, Hageman defended Wyoming in a dispute over the management of the North Platte River.

Meet Harriet Hageman On Twitter

Harriet Hageman is active on Twitter with the username @harriethageman. 

She joined Twitter in December 2017 and has 1265 followers. She has posted posts from her professional life on her Twitter account.

Hageman began her public service career by running for governor in the forthcoming 2018 elections.

She was most recently a delegate from Wyoming to the 2016 Republican National Convention, where she also served on the Rules Committee.

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