Who Is Luke Santamaria? 

Luke Alfred Santamaria, a professional boxer, was born in 1997, making him 24 years old. Since he was a youngster in Garden Groove, California, he has been a boxer.

He is five feet eight inches or 173 cm taller than his colleagues, according to BoxReck. Despite his height, he possesses a 175-centimeter reach. According to the website, he is a three-star welterweight with an overall rating of 56.

Santamaria, a professional boxer, does not appear to have a wife or girlfriend. For the time being, his sole emphasis is on establishing a professional career, spending his days practicing for his next match.

His figure, which was chiseled with eight-pack abs, is a strong indication of his commitment. His muscles are undeniably the consequence of years and years of hard labor.

Luke Santamaria after his win game
Luke Santamaria after his win game

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Luke Santamaria Age And Wiki Bio

Luke Santamaria is a well-known and professional American boxer. On August 12, 1997, Santamaria was born.

His given name is Luke Alfred Santamaria, although he is better known as Lucas. Garden Groove, California, is where he was born.

As of 2022, he is about 24 years old. His schooling was completed in his hometown. He is an American citizen.

He was a fantastic artist with extraordinary abilities. His followers are ecstatic about his triumph against two world-class players. He began his boxing career in 2015 when he battled Uriel Angulo.

In the same year, Lucas defeated Adan Alveraz and Timothy Lee. In addition, he will face three-star players such as Marquis Taylor, Paul Kroll, and Abel Ramos. He had started his profession at an early age.

Luke Santamaria's baby girl
Luke Santamaria's baby girl

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How Much is Luke Santamaria's Net Worth?

Lucas Santamaria's total assets are still being audited as of 2022, although we anticipate them to be substantial.

Santamaria's net worth is still being calculated, but we believe it is in the millions. He earns his living as a professional boxer.

He began his combat career in 2015 when he faced Uriel Angulo. At the same time, he defeated Adan Alveraz and Timothy Lee in bouts.

The contender has had an outstanding career, having won twelve of the fifteen encounters.

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