Nina Jankowicz Roasted on TikTok As Secret Transgender Rumors Swirl

Different online rumors have surrounded Nina Jankowicz after being selected to Joe Biden's cabinet in the following days. Meanwhile, her sexuality is causing a stir on TikTok, with netizens questioning if she is transgender.

On the other hand, such people's opinions are entirely false since there is no proof to substantiate them. Spreading speculation about someone's sexuality in cyberspace without their agreement is not allowed.

Similarly, Nina Jankowicz mentioned that she is a blissfully married woman who's been in a healthy marriage for so many years with her darling hubby.

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Does Nina Janckowicz Have A Husband?

Currently, Nina Jackowicz has become the talk of the town after she was appointed as executive director of Joe Biden's new Disinformation Governance Board at the Department. The general public also wants to know if she has a husband at this point in her life.

Since Janckowicz wants to maintain her personal life a mystery, she hasn't spilled the beans about her love relationship openly in the press. Nevertheless, she stated that her most significant sources of inspiration are her mother and spouse in an interview.

Still, Nina Janckowicz hasn't uncovered her spouse's true identity and his profession publicly. As a result, we cannot gather particulars on her married life at present. 

The information about her beloved partner and family has yet to be uncovered in cyberspace. He Instagram page is also private; thus, we couldn't gather any of her wedding photographs.

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Nina Janckowicz Surgery Pictures, Age And Gender 

Nina Janckowic has made no mention of her surgery thus far now. Many cyber citizens have speculated about her surgery by comparing before and after photos.

Talking about her gender and age, she is straight and is currently 33 years old, born on 10 March 1989. Her nationality is American, and she originally hails from Washington DC, the United States.

Janckowicz holds a Master's degree in Eurasian, Russian, and East European Studies from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. She attended Bry Mawr College and majored in Political Science with a minor in English.

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