Botched: Phoebe Price Wikipedia - Know Her Better

Phoebe Price has not made it to the official page of Wikipedia. However, there is a short bio about her on IMDb, one of the famous web portals.

Price is frequently shot by paparazzi. In addition, she makes it worthwhile for them by posing oddly and dressing up for everyday activities like walking her dog or buying a magazine.

Phoebe was featured in the reality TV show Botched alongside Angelique Morgan, a.k.a. Frenchy, an actress, and friend. She came on the show to have her nose fixed, and the consultation was, to say the least, amusing.

In addition, according to The Huffington Post, Price appeared as an extra named Marie in an episode of The X-Files.

A Motor Lodge Rub, The Victim, In My Sleep, Stanley DeBrock, Get Smart, and The Junkyard Willie Movie: Lost in Transit are a few of her low-budget flicks.

Price has only had modest roles in very unknown films up to this point, but she is working really hard to establish herself as an actress.

Phoebe Price Age - How Old Is She?

Phoebe Price is 49 years old as of 2022. Price was born to her parents Flora Mae Vines Price and Henry Arnold Price in Alabama on September 27, 1972. 

Moreover, Price stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and she holds American nationality.

Walker High School in Jasper, Alabama was her alma mater. Moreover, Price was drawn to acting and modeling at a young age.

Price bought her first entertainment and fashion company when she was 19 years old.

In addition, Phoebe went on to pursue a career as an international actress and model, with small success in Capetown, South Africa, Athens, Greece, and Milan, Italy.

Botched: How Much Is Phoebe Price Net Worth?

Phoebe Price has an estimated net worth of $10 million. However, Price has not revealed anything about her net worth.

Price relocated to Los Angeles to enhance her acting career, and she is claimed to have enrolled in acting workshops with some of the top instructors.

Aside from acting, Phoebe volunteers with charities and is a spokesman for a battered women's organization. She also creates hats and headbands that may be purchased in some of the best boutiques in California and Beverly Hills.

Is Phoebe Price Married? - Her Husband 

Phoebe Price appears to be a married woman. However, she has not revealed anything about her marital status.

Price has a lovely pet and she rarely leaves the house without her dog Henry, whom she transports about Los Angeles in a specially designed dog pushchair.

'Strawberries for the Homeless,' 'A Motor Lodge Rub,' and 'The Junkyard Willie Movie: Lost in Transit' are among her credits.

You've got to hand it to Phoebe because she will be on the red carpet, and hopefully one day she'll rise up the alphabetical celebrity ladder.